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About Us

Iseline Jewellery Paris is creative affordable luxury for today's contemporary woman.

Vibrant, creative, feminine and fun, Iseline Jewellery is affordable luxury for todays's contemporary young woman. Intricately crafted in the atelier in Paris, we are proud to wear the MADE in FRANCE label for our collections. Using avantgard techniques including laser cutting to create unique designs of the highest quality hypoallergenic materials, each piece is beautifully finished in either yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver with adornements of other precious metals and stones. Creating a range of that can be elegantly pared down to a single fine bracelet or stacked with others to create your own unique look, Iseline Jewellery's innovative design team offer you the perfect accessory for every occasion.   

An old Celtic feminine name meaning to dream and vision, Iseline Jewellery's vision is to offer women an opportunity for individual expression at affordable prices through its stunning range of jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Iseline also celebrates special gift-giving moments during the year such as Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day by providing the perfect gift for a loved one to treasure.


After 20 years of experiences in Fashion as stylist, designer, merchendiser and interior decorator our team creates for you an eclectic and high quality jewellery collection.


Our essential collections are made in our studio in Paris with a guaranteed lable "Made in France". All products from this collection has a whole one year warranty!



We use a surgical stainless steel 316L that is hypoallergenic or silver. Using the same high quality methods employed in the watch industry, the technique ensures long lasting results of plating.


Standing behind our brand is a highly experinced team who with their 20 years of experience and professionalism ensure a smooth production and delivery.

  • Professional team
  • One year warranty
  • World wide delivery
  • Personalized customer service


We do our best to guarantee you an excellent level of service and customer support.


We place particular importance on the orginality and the quality of all our products.


  • Young and innovated jewellery
  • New and original processing techniques
  • Modern and elegant collections
  • Highly expressive and creative designs


Some of our pieces are made by hand in low production by our team at our studio in Paris.

materials & techniques

Our jewellery is plated with durability in mind for a long lasting finish.


  • Surgical stainless steel 316L - hypoallergenic
  • Sterling silver 925
  • Gold and rose gold coating
  • Long lasting finish


Our technique of hard gold plating exceeds many of pour customer's ecpectations


Iseline Jewellery Paris is owned by MM-Brothers Ab and is a Finnish registered company in Finland that makes and buys all their products from Paris, France.